June 15, 2006

Taylor Hicks is 'hottest' bachelor!

Now who would've ever thought the 'bama boy would make it this far? After snagging the top prize in American Idol, he hits it even bigger with a major US magazine! And he hasn't even cut his record yet! Fellow 'bamanian and bachelorette Condi Rice must be jumping for joy. Hey maybe those two should hook up (cough cough hack hack ptooey!). After all they have three things in common. They're both from 'bama, they're single,and they love their music! And who cares about the age difference? Of course, it would help things if Condi gets rid of her awful hairdo! Yech!

Well I must admit Tay Tay does remind me of a hick George Clooney. He is kinda cute but hot? Hmmm... That's taking it a bit far. Gimme Georgie anytime! Or maybe Terrence Howard. Check out those dreamy green eyes (left). Well okay he's not exactly a batchelor after being married and divorced twice over from the same woman. But he's definitely hot! Outstanding performance in Crash! as well. Woof!

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