June 05, 2006

Where's my mail?

Finally the government has seen it fit to privatize the Philippine Postal Corp. Yes folks, for those who still care about snail mail like I do, this matters a lot. How many among you have not received important mail like they were supposed to, have received open envelopes carelessly scotch-taped and stamped "Received opened" and you knew the postal guys were lying, or have been told by your relatives abroad that they had just received your Christmas card and it's June already?!

It is no wonder that courier services like Fedex, UPS and LBC have been making a killing by charging an arm and a leg just so that you're confident your mail or package will arrive at their destination. I am particularly incensed that my subscription copies of Vanity Fair have not arrived since April and there were a few months last year I didn't get them either. I've also received envelopes which have been opened and taped like this act of pilferage was not done deliberately. Nag-aksaya pa kayo ng tape!

God knows how I've railed against my Manong Kartero (Mr. Postman) dozens of times a month because of these incidents. But of course, what can he do? He just delivers the mail. He says everything starts from the central office, which is that huge edifice on Lawton where rallies are wont to be held. That's where most of the pilferage happens. Maybe I should hold my own rally against the Post Office! The government should privatize Philpost and do it quickly. Snail mail or not, the postal services are still vital especially in the rural areas where the Internet may have not yet reached. Privatizing this service will professionalize Philpost's operations.

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