June 21, 2006

Poor little rich girl

A former telco executive has built a resort somewhere down south. Unfortunately, his wife is getting to be quite a pain in the neck we hear. Not only has she been constantly interfering in her husband's instructions to his staff, she is said to have a condescending attitude even toward's resort guests. She's been overheard dissing their attire or how they look in her dialect so the guests presumably won't understand her.

What a contrast to her husband who is so humble and low-profile, no one would even guess he carries a very famous surname. He likes hanging around with ordinary people and even talks shop in small barbecue joints with his friends. People who know his wife say she could still be suffering from a bout of inferiority complex as her friends from the time she was little, were not only much richer than her, they were more beautiful too. Her family wasn't exactly destitute mind you, but from where she comes from, money apparently means more than anything you can imagine.

Though she now has all the money in the world, thanks to her husband's rich mother who she gets along with beautifully, even if she has tons of plastic surgery to make her more beautiful, it won't change her ugliness inside. Moo!

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