June 09, 2006

The Subic Rape Trial

Nicole, the alleged victim in the rape trial against the 4 Marines who were on R&R in Subic Bay while their ship was docked at the pier, walked out of the trial yesterday, apparently shaken by the testimony of one prosecution witness on how the GIs took her out of the van and just left her at the pier. (Click here and here)

Earlier, however, the US Embassy in Manila already barred American Navy investigators from testifying in said trial, saying the investigators had "diplomatic immunity." (Click here) I'm not a legal eagle but the way I understand it, diplomatic immunity is a privilege extended to "diplomats" and not underlings, and that it covers only diplomats up for prosecution in a case. Surely the investigators aren't the ones on trial?

But of course, it's actually the entire US government that's on trial here. And yet, why does its officials think they can get away with anything? Perhaps it's because our government lets them do so. Why didn't the Dept. of Foreign Affairs subpoena the four investigators to the trial? Could it be because DFA Sec. Alberto Romulo is panting after the post of ambassador to Washington DC and wants to be in the good graces of the Americans? Hmm...

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