June 06, 2006

Explosion at Grepalife Bldg.

A group calling itself the "Taong-Bayan at Kawal" claimed responsibility for the explosion that hit Tuesday the Yuchengco-owned Grepalife building, ANC reported. (Originally published on ABS-CBN News web site, June 6, 2006)

No one may be pointing a finger at the PEP Coalition right now but the malicious can't help but think the group could behind this incident. If the Coalition members know what's good for them, they should publicly condemn this violent and terroristic action. This is no way to solve any of their problems. Then again, didn't Ambassador Yuchengco admit to funding the Olaguer's Light-A-Fire Movement to oust dictator Ferdinand Marcos, in the '80s? Is his past haunting him now? Ouch!
(Photo borrowed from Grepalife web site)

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