June 25, 2006

Diarrhea? More like food poisoning!

According to the rumor mill, Gorilla Macapagal Arroyo's recent bout with diarrhea was not due to "stress," as had been officially announced, but actually due to some spoiled food she may have eaten at some political hotshot's birthday party the day before she was rushed to the hospital. Yuck! Of course, Palace handlers were careful not to give the real cause of the presidential illness lest it insult a major supporter who has been, time and again, threatening to withdraw his backing of the president, whenever talks about a settlement with a political leader arises. According to several medical web sites, stress only aggravates a cause of diarrhea like irritable bowel syndrome, but is not the prime cause of the illness. And note that she had been throwing up as well. In other words, GMA just suffered from a case of food poisoning. Caught lying about the cause of their dear amo's upset insides, the Palace handlers have leaked out a Quezon City restaurant's name which is owned by a starlet who is the acknowledged "anak sa labas" of a politician, as the place where the President ate prior to her diarrheal attack. Oh well...

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