June 20, 2006

Happy to be in Alegre

Just came back from a fabulous vacation at Alegre Resort in Sogod, just north of that charming city of the south, Cebu City. It is a wonderful place with just good vibes all around. Facilities are first class and the staff are extremely courteous. They always anticipate your needs, which is just great.

The lush green surroundings, dotted with many flowering ornamentals and trees, are just so enticing. Alegre now has a spa with therapists that give very relaxing massages. To top it off, its GM Fritz Kahler and wife Cynthia, are just two of the nicest people I've been privileged to know. They are a wonderful couple who warmly receives guests with open arms. (Click here to know more about Alegre.)

Here are a few more breathtaking photos of the resort:

You can find solace in this pool which is rarely full of people, while the spa treatments relax you while energizing your spirit.

Aside from Alegre, my friends and I also visited the Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine in the hills of Carmen, and the Benedictine Monastery beside it where you attend Mass in your bare feet. It was a nice experience to visit Our Lady and make a few petitions for oneself and family.
(At left, the Benedictine Monastery's Church in the hills of Carmen with a massive Sto. Niño protecting it. At right, priests and churchgoers at the procession commemorating Corpus Christi last Sunday.)

I've always loved going to Cebu which has come a long way from being just another provincial city of the Philipppines. It's a throbbing cosmopolitan area with grand hotels, fine dining restaurants with really delicious cuisine from all over the world, and always smiling beautiful people. Yet many of its outlying areas still maintain their distinct rural charm. Given the chance, I would love to move and work in Cebu. What a great place to be! (Resort photos courtesy of Alegre Beach Resort.)

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