June 09, 2006

There she goes again!

Our dearly beloved President Gorilla Macapagal Arroyo attended the anniversary of a major transportation company at a 5-star hotel recently. Her condition in attending the event was that she wouldn't make any speeches. Apparently all she wanted to do that night was to let her hair down and party all night, and possibly have a few swigs of her favorite Swing. Too bad, one eager beaver from the company decided to take it upon himself to call on the President and ask her to say a few words to the other party animals present.

Well she did make the usual congratulatory remarks and motherhood statements, then before you could say gorillamacapagalarroyo!...the President left in a huff, apprarently irritated at having her explicit request denied. What a brat I tell you!

By the way here's a very butch photo our dear prez for everyone's enjoyment. Didn't they say that former model Joanne Zapanta (Click here) is her image and wardrobe consultant? Joanne must be on some bad juju huh? And get this, she's supposed to be a Commissioner of Culture for Unesco as well. Hilarious!!! (Photos courtesy of www.pilmap.com.ph and www.dr.dk)

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